9 Pcs Number Cake Mold
9 Pcs Number Cake Mold
9 Pcs Number Cake Mold
9 Pcs Number Cake Mold
9 Pcs Number Cake Mold
9 Pcs Number Cake Mold

9 Pcs Number Cake Mold

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Easy number cakes for birthdays and anniversaries!

Forget candles! Enjoy a more unique birthday cake with the help of the Number Cake Mold! This clever mold evenly bakes cake into the shape of numbers for a fun, special dessert perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Get perfectly done cakes every time as its flexible, non-stick material makes it easy to demold without damage. Durably made from food-grade silicone, you can safely use it with various appliances. Use this versatile mold for crafting various treats and DIY projects.


  • Unique Number Mold - Evenly bakes cake into numbers for a fun, special dessert perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and more.
  • Easy Release - Flexible and non-stick, it’s easy to demold cake without damage.
  • Versatile Use - Craft all sorts of sweet treats and DIY projects such as chocolates, jelly, candles, soap and more.
  • Durably Made - Safe to use in your oven, microwave, freezer, fridge and dishwasher,  from temperatures -40°F to 230°F.
  • Food-Grade Material - Safety ensured by BPA-free, food-grade silicone that’s easy to clean, non-toxic and eco-friendly. 
  • Effortless Cleaning - Its non-stick surface prevents residue from clinging, giving you an easier time washing.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: As shown


  • 1 x Number Cake Mold

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